Friday, October 3, 2008


Today, I haven't much to share. 

Last night, I went out to dinner with some friends of a friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend's third cousin's dog...). We ate at a teeny restaurant near the Colloseum called Isidoro, and it was delicious! Albeit a bit expensive. We all got pasta, and the way it works at this restaurant is that for whoever orders pasta, they bring out just one huge family-style plate of pasta of a certain kind (ravioli in ragu, for example). Everyone takes a small portion, and before you're even done with that plate, they bring out another one! And then another! And another! And...well, you get the point. They keep bringing you pasta until you say "BASTA PASTA!" (enough pasta!). So between the six of us, we tasted six different kinds of pasta, all of which I can't remember, but my favorite of which was penne with an olive cream sauce and big black olives. Mmmmm.

This morning was the last day of my Italian class. Which is a bit unfortunate, since my opportunities to speak Italian outside of class seem far fewer. On the bright side, next week my daily cultural studies class won't start until 10:30AM, so I'll be able to sleep in :-)

Other than that, as I said,  not much to tell today. I'm at the apartment on my own this weekend, as everyone else is away! Because I have nothing else interesting to say, I have composed this short poem which I hope will entertain you until I can think of something worthwhile to post tomorrow:

This weekend in Rome
I am on my own.

I shall clean my house
'Til it squeaks like a mouse.

Then I shall shop for flowers
and take long showers

So that I may relax
like Angelina's son Pax.

(The posting of this poem has been pre-approved by my dear friend B.J. Nixdorf. Should there be any objections to its quality as compared to the usual standards of this blog, please contact Bridget at Thank you.)


brigitte, la princesse de new york said...

bah whatever. i stand by my complete approval of the poem.

Genevieve said...

Bridget, why do you insist on encouraging her inner Gallatina.

She's Latina but not a Gallatina...

brigitte, la princesse de new york said...

ac-tually, g, i believe it is you who is a latina but not a gallatina...